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    Meet TRENDKILL. Four lads from the North East of England who don’t align to any one genre or inspiration in particular - they do it all. Bringing modern metal and technical prog elements into old school groovy thrash metal, TrendKill is an up and coming force to be reckoned with, leading on a true mastery of its craft. This band turns heads for all the right reasons, and always leaves people coming back for more.

    Critics at GBHBL say TrendKill “have made one hell of a name for themselves with banger singles and raucous live shows”, and they’re not wrong. The band is fast building a reputation for the intensely high quality of musicianship, that is met with the same energy at every live show.

    This quality is evident upon first listen. TrendKill has been likened to metal gods such as Metallica and Pantera - with its piercing guitar tone and vocals akin to Phil Anselmo and Rob Halford - but with a fresh, punchy injection of newer subgenres all encompassed within stellar mixes. Every four bars are never the same as the last, and each track will take listeners on a wild journey. Their breakthrough EP ‘Dissociate’ has been described by MetalNoise as “a mosh pit filler that really needs to be heard on bigger stages”, slapping it with a solid 9/10 rating.

    As the name might suggest, fans who have grown up listening to thrash metal, and appreciate some groove to it, may first view TrendKill in an almost nostalgic light, bringing that same aggressive and powerful sound. Yet - similar to the likes of Pantera - TrendKill is forging its own pioneering sound, bringing the raw furiosity of such classics, but incorporating the energy, innovation and musicianship of bands such as Megadeth, Trivium, Metallica, Sylosis and Machine Head.

    TrendKill truly has something to offer everyone in the metal community, and unites headbangers from all generations. Their single ‘A Broken View’ is the perfect example of a song that has it all. Combining elements across the whole spectrum of metal: Tremolo picked riffs with slamming percussion, a dash of slow groove and blistering guitar solos that Malmsteen himself would be proud of.

    When it comes to lyrical content, it’s no holds barred for TrendKill. The power ballad ‘Obsession’ is a deep-dive into the issue of battling addiction, showing a deeper side to bands lyrical content. On the other end of the spectrum, you have ‘Covenant’ inspired by the hugely popular Xbox ‘Halo’ series, demonstrating the band's keen ability to delve into the realms of fantasy and adventure.

    And it is no understatement to say that each member brings something to the table. Vocalist Alistair Lisle brings his extensive experience in tributing bands like Slayer and Pantera, and thrives on jumping between gravelly pitched power screams to melodic baritone cleans with ease. Corey Bennett on the drums keeps everything ticking while the songs quickly change pace from thrash, to breakdowns, to blastbeats and everything in between (not forgetting those groovy disco beats that make an appearance). Jordan Tipple’s baseline has something going on all of its own which allows it to shine even in the heaviest mixes - and his vocal prowess adds greater depth to TrendKill’s offer, be it death screams, gang shouts or clean harmonies. But this is something which has to be witnessed live to appreciate fully. The same can be said about guitarist Jonny Stern, whose practical mastery of lead guitar is almost unheard of for someone still in their twenties, and has to be seen to be believed. A true performer, Jonny’s energy on stage is infectious - he’ll often be found on the floor shredding on his back, or in with the crowds moshing away as he plays.

    With many bands, you’ve heard one song and you’ve heard them all. It’s safe to say that TrendKill doesn't have two songs the same. This is clear listening to the ‘Dissociate’ EP. The opening title track ‘Dissociate’ is one of their simpler songs but evokes a primal desire for heads to bang. The trio of bass, drums and vocals in the verses give the song space to breathe while heading into a riff laden chorus that packs a real punch. ‘Covenant’ is a fast paced juggernaut that leaves you gasping for air from start to finish. Blistering verses and a chorus that boasts a catchy 6/4 time signature, you think ‘Covenant’ has it all. Until you’re punched in the gut by a breakdown that would make most metalcore fans' hair stand on end. ‘Erasure’ is probably the most unique song on the EP which shows a more progressive side to the band. Incorporating elements of prog and metalcore and showcasing Lisle’s ability not only to produce the most brutal of screams but soaring clean vocal harmonies that some of the most seasoned metal vocalists would struggle to match. Ending on ‘Berserkr’ - a groove metal behemoth that incorporates everything a metal song should be. Groovy riffs, slamming verses, catchy choruses and a blistering thrash outro that boasts arguably one of the best heavy metal solos of all time. It’s clear to see why TrendKill are seen as one of the most musically diverse bands on the scene today.

    The pinnacle of TrendKill’s success comes with the release of their latest EP, ‘Dissociate’, showcasing heavy riffs, unforgettable melodies, and a collection of absolute bangers. This EP solidifies their status as a band that embraces their influences while carving their own path to greatness in the modern metal landscape. With their growing reputation and undeniable talent, TrendKill is set to become one of the legendary bands they once admired.